nonchalant shopping saturday

orange wall trolleyAnother Saturday for us to do that voodoo that we do so well...

It started with Ma bringing me down a Del Sol colour changing keyring... she bought one before I saw her last week and I was kinda fascinated with the stupid thing, since it gets colour when you put it in direct sunlight...

So now I have a little gecko which is laying on the living room floor going blue from the light coming in from the bedroom windows (well, it's going back and forth as the sun disappears behind clouds). Freaky ass shit!

Anyway, once I'd fiddled around with that a bit, we headed off for the usual shopping stuff...

Once we were finished we took a bit of a detour and I took Ma past the Extra Special Benzo Piece I found last Sunday and I took some better shots of it. I think we freaked out the woman who lives there though, since the door opened enough for her to stick her head around and then disappeared back inside just as quickly.

We left not long after that...

Given that the Fringe doesn't kick off for another week (and by association all the visual art stuff that we could use to fill in a Saturday), we were kind of at a loose end, so ended up heading into the city.

Through happy coincidence, the place we normally park in the city was fairly full, so we ended up heading down to Rundle Street and parking down there. The happy coincidence part comes in because even though the Fringe isn't on, the Garden of Unearthly Delights opened last week... so we were able to go and have a look around (although I'm getting ahead of myself, because that didn't happen until later).

We didn't really have any plans, we basically wandered around the city a bit... Ma kinda wanted to look for new curtains for her living room... which we did, but I have to say, curtains are generally made of incredibly boring fabric! She couldn't find any she liked, but we spoke to the woman in Spotlight about made to measure ones, but they seemed hideously expensive.

Oh well.

Other than that, and kind of looking around for a new keyring for Ma (it's all very exciting really... although she did buy a "pill box" one at Bimbo... why, I'm not completely sure), that was pretty much it.

The only other thing of note was stopping off at Diamonds to generally kick some tyres about a digital SLR camera... the guy in the shop recommended the Sony Alpha SLT-A33, but after looking at a few things online, I'm not convinced... mostly because it doesn't always perform that well in low light... and if there's definitely something I want in a camera, it's one that kicks ass in low light! So, the hunt continues... I may have to go back and see if somebody else from the store recommends something else, or maybe try another store.

eht nedrag fo ylhtraenu sthgiledThen, on the way back to the car, we stopped off at The Garden of Unearthly Delights.

It's a bit like all carnivals and things of that nature... it looks okay in the daytime, if a little patchy and worn, but it's not until the sun has set that it really comes into it's own and looks the way that it's meant to look.

And they've moved all the stages around!

I don't know if they do that every year, last year being the first time I jumped into the waters of Fringeness with both feet, but everything is in a new location. And even the one theatre that seems to be in the same place has had a change of name... and the one with the previous name is on the other side of the Garden.

Anyway, we strolled around a bit, scoped out the locations of all the theatres, looked at the trinkets and whatnots available from some of the stalls, got some lemonade (you know, the lemony, flat kind) from a nice man with lots of interesting tattoos and eventually wandered over to get some poffertjes and olle bollen (so good, but so very very bad).

And then we pretty much called it a day!

I'm guessing that next week will more than likely be all about the Visual Arts...

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Sunshine said...

I recently got the Nex-5. Probably a bit light on for you but I totally love it. :)


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