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100bucks&runnin'4I never quite know what to do with myself when I got to gallery opening type things on my own... so I end up not doing very much and running away early...

Of course, given that I parked about three streets away and had a play to go to directly afterwards meant I had to run away early anyway.

The gallery opening in question was 100Bucks&Runnin'4... artists are given the blank template to the right, complete with faceless running man stencil and can do as they wish with it.

There were definitely a range of ideas and executions... from those who stuck squarely to the stencil outline leaving it pretty much visible, right through to those who almost left no trace of it at all.

And there was a wider range of artistic skill than I was perhaps expecting. Sadly with maybe one or two exceptions I have no idea who did what since it was all anonymous (and each panel cost $100, hence the title of the exhibition).

100bucks&runnin'4A very crowded room actually... crowded and sweaty (the second floor and no real air-conditioning)... so I know I missed seeing a few of the pieces.

My two favourite were these two...

100bucks&runnin'4The top one is Gary Seaman... and it was already sold when I got there, otherwise I would have slapped my $100 down on the spot, even though I bought a piece of his work on Saturday. Because, really, who doesn't love a genie?

I have no idea who produced the bottom one, but it's kinda awesome, especially if you know that the running man figure is there... it still follows those lines. And I have this thing about octopuses.

But none of the works really grabbed me enough to lay down my $100... either that or they were already sold.

100Bucks&Runnin'4 runs until March 18.

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