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shopper carA bit of a pointless shopping excursion today... well, mostly...

The usual routine was somewhat interrupted by the fact that my car was booked in for a service this morning, so I drove up the road on my own and met Ma at the garage, then went across the road to partake of the usual.

Other times we've been somewhat better organised and have gotten out of the house and done some stuff before the mechanic rings up and tell me the car is ready. Today, not so much.

But at least that meant that when we went out again we didn't need to worry about having to cut it short.

Once we dropped my car back here, we headed into the city for the third time in four weeks... possibly not the best idea ever, partially because I hadn't bothered putting proper shoes on, so by the end of it all my feet were killing me... but also because we really didn't have anything that we wanted to do in the city.

We tried doing a couple of Fringe visual art things, but mostly they're very much a case of "oh look, stuff... okay, going now". Not really stuff you'd hang around for.

We also ended up doing a bit of sitting around and standing around... we detoured through the Garden of Unearthly Delights on our way into the city (since we parked on Rundle Street again), stopped at the Fringe Caravan under the Gawler Place canopy about three times to watch people perform (Lili La Scala aka Mrs Boy with Tape on his Face and Rocketboy both look worth seeing!) and took up perches on various benches while deciding what the hell to do next.

During one of those perches Ma said she wanted to go in to Harris Scarfes... not my favourite store to wander around in (although a lot better than it used to be). Ma said she wanted to look at crockery... she wanted new plates in fact. When we got in there, I suddenly decided that I was tired of the round plates with the yellow rims I've been using for years, and I also wanted new plates.

I also figured (although not until a little later) that slightly smaller plates and smaller bowls, not to mention less plates and bowl choices, would assist with some portion control issues. Will it? I have no idea, we'll have to see. So I'm now the proud owner of two square white stoneware dinner plates, two side plates, two bowls and two mugs.

This replaced the four dinner plates, four side plates, three saucers, four flat soup bowls, four dessert bowls, four pasta bowls and about six mugs I had previously. So now I need to sort out what the hell I'm doing with the extra storage.

Then after we bought the crockery (and Ma did find two plain white round plates for herself, it wasn't all about me), Ma wanted to look at chopping boards... and we both decided to get new ones... different ones... mine is round and was $129 previously, but I got it for $29... so, you know, bargain!

But the downside being that all that crockery plus two thick chopping boards are fucking heavy!

We dragged them all back to the car (stopping off on the way for a thickshake at Cocolat on Rundle Street... mmmm), then detoured back through the Garden, back up to the Mall, made a couple of brief stop offs and then headed back here.

And now, because we've got the Dumpster Biennale and a performance of Macbeth tonight, we're both sitting around playing on our respective laptops... I'm writing this, obviously, and she's looking at car websites.

Which would be kinda sad if we weren't, you know, us...

But now I need to decide on a new outfit, do something recent with my hair, put on grownup shoes and we need to sort out what the hell we're doing for dinner (which, whatever it is, will not involve pizza... I'm just saying).

Good times...

Reviews of the rest of the evening to follow later...

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james said...

Lovin' the bit of Swedishness in your blog today.


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