striped emotions

striped and happy striped and sad
I'm guessing these are by a new player in town... unless an old hand has taken a turn in a different direction... but these aren't the first instances of the wide-mouthed, simple featured faces I've seen. And all of them recently.

There's something very Tim Burton about these ones though... I'm guessing that mostly it's the stripes...

They also seem to sum up my life at present. Very mixed. If there was a third face where the line just went straight across, that would be me. Sure there are high points and low points, but especially this week it's all very flat.

Even being picked up from work for some Afternoon Delight didn't really improve my mood that much... mostly because if you say that kissing is your favourite thing, well, I kinda expect you to be half decent at it... even if you are *mumble mumble* years younger than me!

And speaking of Afternoon Delight... why is it that I can go weeks without getting a single offer of any kind, and then I get THREE in one day!

I'm kind of wondering if the reason I'm slightly irritable at present is a lack of my morning walk... with one thing and another, I just can't summon up the energy to go... which possibly leads to a lack of endorphins or something... which in turn probably means that I'm less likely to want to go and just generally makes me cranky.

Or maybe I'm just a prematurely cranky old fart...

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