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I have had a shithouse day... I started out somewhat cranky since I overslept, then had to yell at people on the bus to make them move down and let me and my fellow passengers on... Felt slightly better once I was at work, but H-San seemed to be in a mood all day, and when H-San is in a mood, as I've mentioned before there really is no shifting him... plus it has a tendency to spread, at least as far as me since our desks are the closest.

Then I seemed to get nothing of real substance done today... I did a lot of little piddly things, but nothing worth mentioning. And of course when I was under a desk trying to plug in a computer (not mine), that was the precise moment that the land agent chose to rang to tell me that my landlord is a pointless wanker... but I knew that already, so I just yelled (kinda, not really, more like put on my Bossy Prissy Pissy Pants hat) at the poor schmuck on the phone for a bit and all I ended up with was feeling cranky and sweaty (from the climbing under the desk, not the phonecall... kinda). I will say this though, this fight isn't over yet... I will get what I'm entitled to

And now I have a headache. A "please die now you useless excuse of a human being" headache...

Mumble mutter... Unconscious Mutterings...
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  3. Extraordinary :: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
  4. Jackson :: Janet
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  6. Wet :: Wet Wet
  7. Strangle :: Neck
  8. .com :: Boom/Bust
  9. Touched :: By An Angel
  10. Insipid :: Colour
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