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camo templateGood morning and welcome to Autumn!

Of course with the (alleged) change of seasons comes a change of template. And this time I'm going back to those bright candy colours I tend to gravitate towards.

I've already used the larger version of this pink and purple camo street art photo for a Photo Friday post, but I was so fond of it that I couldn't let it be confined to a single outing.

I was tossing around the idea of renaming the blog (or, to use a term we patently overuse at work, rebranding it)... but while I really love the "garrulous" subtitle and it's meaning (thanks Andrew), it's not really an attractive word on it's own, and I couldn't think of a third term to describe me that would give it some alliteration (I kept coming back to "gay garrulous gorilla" which has some nice alliteration, but I'm SO not a gorilla). I'll leave it to percolate, you never know what might occur to me.

So behold yaniblog's autumnal face, in all it's pink, purple and baby blue glory...

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Victor said...

a gorgeously garrulous gay?


a garrulously gorgeous gay?

The Mutant said...

I got nothing when it comes to names, that should be obvious to all and sundry! The new template though looks HAWT!!!! I'm a sucker for pinky purpley stuff too!


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