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the view from the deck, complete with kookaburrasWhat a difference a day can make... yesterday it was Summer, and it was hot and sunny without a cloud in the sky... today is now Autumn, and we've had much cooler temperatures, a very grey afternoon and the odd spot or two of rain!

And, of course, I did what we all knew I was going to end up doing anyway... even with all my prevarication and occasional whining... I headed down to Sugarmonkey's place for what was supposed to be Rockchick's farewell, but mostly turned into just a random gathering (now, you see, had I known that this was the first of who knows how many actual farewells for the Chick of Rock, I probably wouldn't have done the present thing today... and to be honest I might not actually have gone... oh well).

Most of the drive down there was fine, 90% of it is a journey I know very well, it was only the last bit where I was relying on my own sense of direction (which is always dangerous)... but I was following Google Map's directions to the letter (or so I thought)... until I turned off the main road and found myself in "the country", it was all narrow little windy roads going up and down and around and about... my very, very, very least favourite kind of road EVER. And all the roads around Sugarmonkey's place all start very similarly... so I got myself good and lost... like scarily, where the hell am I, pull over and look at the street directory four times kind of lost. I even drove right past H-San's car at a particular intersection without noticing (not that I actually know what kind of car H-San drives).

Eventually, when I really paid attention to where I was and the directions in the street directory, I finally found the place... but it was an adventure there for a few minutes.

I didn't see very much of Sugarmonkey's house, since we were having the party out on the deck, but from what I did see, it pretty much echoes all my previous impressions that Sugarmonkey is a very stylish man (and has a very stylish wife, which helps)... when I got there Miles Davis was on the stereo, and the bits of the house I did see looked like something out of a home decorating magazine. Very nice.

And oddly, even though I intentionally left home about twenty minutes later than I should have according to the time on the invite, I still wasn't the last one there... I was pretty much smack in the middle.

The afternoon went about the way I figured it would... it was okay, but not thrilling... the major unknown quantity was the woman who's just come to join the team, my word she's a world of beige... well maybe not beige, perhaps more salmon pink. Her husband kind of needed a slap too... *rolls eyes*

Rockchick was thrilled with her Barbie journal and her Buddha pendant once I explained the whole story to her, and she said that she's going to make the Buddha pendant part of her pre-flight ritual... which is sweet.

So essentially we sat around nibbling on random stuff (I had wondered if I should have taken something, but I wasn't sure if there was going to be some sort of BBQ action, so I just figured I would rock up as I was) and chatting randomly about nothing much at all. By the way, I'm officially in love with quince paste right now (especially with some of those really good crackers, sliced pear and some camembert/brie)... quince paste and Miles Davis... see I said they were a very stylish couple...

As always seems to be the case with these kind of things, no matter who's hosting them, I was in the last group to leave... partially because there was no way that I was leaving on my own, I wanted to be able to follow somebody back to the main road so I didn't get lost again. Fortunately Ginger Ninja, Mr Ninja, Rockchick and I all left at the same time (thereby bringing the event officially to an end), so I had lots of people to follow and got home with no dramas at all.

It was an okay afternoon though... just like I said it was going to be...

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