photo friday: grasses

i just needed something restful after the day i've hadWhat a day... actually, what a week!

Happily I got everything finished off today, I even got to take off an hour early too which was good. However the meeting that I've been dreading since Wednesday finally happened this morning... and kept happening and happening and happening... and then there was a break and I got to go and have lunch... and then it happened some more... until finally I got to go home.

Actually it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be... I was somehow expecting yelling (from him), caustic sarcasm (from me) and appropriately timed storming out (again from me). What happened instead was a lot of really pedantic nitpicking (from him), but it turned out that he seemed to think I was his new best friend or something and we got on famously (from his perspective anyway... I just wanted to strangle him half the time). Fortunately I saw the way the wind was blowing (as regards the nitpicking) within about the first couple of minutes so I moved the meeting back to my desk so that I could make all the changes right then and there.

So, a productive day, but man he was hard work... and very much in need of a smack.

When I finally was able to make a run for it, I headed down to the Mall, and then wandered down to Red Circle to see what I could see in the pants department. Once upon a time the city store was THE place to go for work related apparel... now, not so much. Or maybe I'm just grouchy because there was nothing in my size (there was one pair of really nice pale jeans, but they were a size too big... and they were the only pair I could see anywhere... I just can't win).

I did wonder whether their grand "buy one thing, get the other thing half price" sale was part of a ploy to get rid of as much stuff as possible before they get all their new stock in, which would make sense... so hopefully there will be some more stuff soon...

On my way back up the Mall I called into the Fringe ticket office more or less on a whim... I'd kind of been thinking about going to Adam Richard's comedy show, it was about the only thing in the Fringe guide that I really gave a second glance to... and since I was "in the neighbourhood" I figured I could at least find out how much the tickets were. What I actually ended up doing was just buying a ticket for tomorrow night's show without asking the price first. So that's at least something different for a Saturday night.

After I got home I noticed something "interesting"... I was flicking through the latest Big W catalogue and one of the male models looked very familiar, but I couldn't place him... it was driving me nuts until I flicked over the page and there was a shot of him smiling... then it hit me. He was one of the male contestants on "Make Me A Supermodel"... Tom I think... and there he was modelling bathrobes and teeshirts for Big W. So not really hitting the heights of "supermodelness"... still, it's nice that he's got some work. I will admit though that my very first thought once I recognised him was "oh how the mighty have fallen"...

And I'm not sure why, but I've kind of been having vague tattoo cravings again... part of me wants to get something big and bold and impressive yet inappropriately placed... or else I keep going back to the lion design on the box I got at Christmas (which you can just see in the photo of all my presents). But as a design I think it would have to go either between my shoulders or on the small of my back, and I've always wondered about the sense of having a tattoo you can't actually see directly. To be honest I think it's just a symptom of wanting some sort of wider change, or some change that I can directly control. There's also a big whack of wanting to give myself the things that I find attractive in others... but I only need to look at somebody I used to know who got a couple of big tattoos and shaved his head in the pursuit of trying to be the kind of guy who turned him on... the look never suited him.

Anyway, enough of this half thought out pop psychology... I'm too tired...

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Tom said...

Yup, that was me modelling dressing gowns and t-shirts. LOL. :P

PS - yuck, don't do the tattoo thing... horrible if you ask me, but you didn't, so as you were! :P


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