environmental stencils

runs on fat and saves you money nice weather, pity about the climate
Some very pro-environmental pieces of stencil art for your Tuesday...

The "Nice Weather" one has been popping up in lots of places in the last few weeks, I can think of at least four or five spots I've seen it. The bike however seems to be fairly unique (or at least I haven't seen it repeated anywhere yet)... it's actually part of a pair of pieces, one with the bike and one with a car and the message reversed (runs on money, makes you fat), but I liked the bike more.

Work continues to be frustrating and somewhat challenging all at the same time... and I may get to give somebody an officially sanctioned smackdown on Thursday which is freaking me out and pleasing me in equal measures... I just have to remember not to yell...

The weather also continues to be bipolar... raining and incredibly humid this morning, then cold but clear this evening.

And I still don't understand why when somebody says "we'll organise something, maybe Wednesday, I'll call you", they then don't call as at Tuesday evening, even to say "nah, plans all bad now"... it's just rude.

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