unconscious mutterings 321

Well, I'm officially and properly back at The Nut House. I have my old desk back (yaay), I have all my shortcuts and stuff set up on my desktop and all my "toys" (literally in some cases) arranged on my desk.

As I said to H-San this morning, "It's not official until I have my toys out!"... which sounds vaguely filthy out of context...

Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Studio :: Apartment
  2. Meetup :: A word in need of an extra space
  3. Ostrich :: Head in the sand
  4. Jokes :: Bad
  5. Estranged :: Husband
  6. Random :: Hotness
  7. Slap :: Bitchslap
  8. Hotel room :: Sydney
  9. Inscribe :: Metal
  10. Polar :: Bear
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