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I couldn't stand sitting around my apartment this afternoon, so I just went out... to the Rundle Street Markets theoretically, and while I did do that I also did a fair bit of wandering around...

I also reaffirmed a couple of universal truths (well, they're universal for me anyway)... there's no way in heaven, hell or anywhere inbetween that I'd pay $65 for a single pair of underpants, I don't care what name is stitched into the elastic... hell, even $35 is pushing it uphill.

Also, there are times when you're bound and determined to buy a particular thing (not underwear this time)... and the first store you go to is closed, then the second store has it but they don't have something else you want, so instead you go to a third store, which is also closed. This is clearly the Universe's way of telling you you don't need the damn thing and to just go home.

And I got rained on, which was kinda okay.

Now, given that yesterday was my birthday (big shock I know), this Wikipedia/birthday themed meme seemed appropriate...
  1. Go to Wikipedia.
  2. In the Search box, type your birth month and day (but not year).
  3. Choose three events that happened on your birthday.
  4. Then choose three important birthdays and three interesting deaths.
  5. Post it.
My birthday is March 14 (obviously!).

1489 - The Queen of Cyprus, Catherine Cornaro, sells her kingdom to Venice
1967 - The body of President John F. Kennedy is moved to a permanent burial place at Arlington National Cemetery
1995 - Manned space mission: Astronaut Norman Thagard becomes the first American astronaut to ride to space on-board a Russian launch vehicle

1863 - Casey Jones, American railroad engineer (d. 1900)
1951 - Jerry Greenfield, American co-founder of Ben & Jerry's ice cream
1980 - Mercedes McNab, Canadian-born actress

1933 - Balto, Siberian Husky noted for his role in the 1925 serum run to Nome
1976 - Busby Berkeley, American choreographer and director (b. 1895)
1991 - Howard Ashman, American lyricist and playwright (b. 1950)

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