photo friday: city lines

city linesSometimes you have to be thankful for the little things...
  • Being complimented on a particular shirt every time you wear it
  • Making pasta sauce with chicken and broccoli using Lucia's tomato sauce
  • Fridays
  • Dark Belgian Couverture chocolate
  • Having co-workers that make you laugh
  • New mostly naked photos of hot bloggers
  • Getting paid
  • A pair of luscious round buttocks in tight fitting dress pants
  • Sunglasses, so you can stealthily appreciate the buttocks
  • Being thanked for your creativity and skill
  • Realising that nobody makes better Rocky Road than you
  • Going kite flying tomorrow
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The Mutant said...

Oh my god, which hot bloggers are mostly naked? I don't want to miss that. I love me some nudity! ;o)

yani said...

Oh I think you know him... a sexy yet scruffy little monster and sarcastic as all hell... :P


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