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sunday spraycan depot 2
There's a little photo project I've supposedly been working on for a while now, but after the initial thought and a couple of shots I haven't done anything about it... so this morning I decided I'd take myself off into town and get to work.

I will admit that it was also partly because I'd seen a couple of new Benzo pieces on my way to the theatre last night, so I had to go and snap them...

Other than that it was a lot of wandering about with varying degrees of success. I did find the "Depot 2" sign that I've been looking for since I saw it on Mark B's Adelaide Alleyways and Side Streets Project... for some reason I thought it was part of some kind of industrial setting (the original photo I saw didn't have the greenery growing over it), but no, it's stylish yet pretentious signage on one of the inner city apartment buildings.

When I'd had my fill of wandering around in town, I came back to North Adelaide and wandered around the neighbourhood for a while, with slightly better results. I also noticed that a large number of people had random music cranked up, what with it being such a beautiful day and a large number of windows being open. It's always interesting getting to peek into the routines of other people, even if it's only aurally...

And now, a bit like yesterday, I kind feel like I'm just killing time until my next "event"... I'm supposed to be having a "guest" for a few hours later this afternoon, so I'm in a bit of a hold pattern until then... maybe I'll go and do the dishes, make sure the place is properly presentable.

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