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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

the wrong man - wrong time. wrong place. wrong number.I have to say that the first ten minutes or so of The Wrong Man (which was called Lucky Number Slevin in America, and I honestly have no idea why they bothered changing it) was so totally NOT what I'd expected from the trailers that I'd seen. Or maybe it just didn't start the way I thought it was going to...

But I was hooked completely and utterly from the opening scene all the way through the whole movie. It's a thriller, it's a good old fashioned mystery, parts of it are very Hitchcockian (which two of the characters actually acknowledge at one point), but at the same time it's just funny enough to pull you in that little bit deeper and not make itself a joke.

It also had more twists and turns and surprises than a barrel full of monkeys... I will admit that I'd worked out a couple of them right at the beginning, but didn't twig to pretty much all the rest until they were happening.

And really... ANY movie that has Josh Hartnett spending his first fifteen minutes of screen time dressed in nothing but a towel, is a good movie in my book... YUM! And on top of that, he's actually a damn good actor. I also realised that I pretty much love Lucy Lui in just about anything she's in (and any role from Angel to Sexy Assassin), and I think she's very probably right at the top of my list of "women I might consider turning for"... maybe not literally... but in theory anyway...

I have to say though, that EVERYONE in this is actually excellent... from Bruce, Morgan and Ben, right through to the supporting artists in the various "goon" rolls... I don't think there is a single one of them that isn't excellent in their part.

After about the third or fourth set appeared on screen, I was deeply, deeply in love with the whole Production Designer, Art Designers and Set Decorators... all that AMAZING wallpaper and the big bold 70's inspired look to a lot of the things... VERY cool... not to mention the Boss's chunky glass chess set... and all the glasswork in general really. Fran├žois, Pierre, Colombe, Suzanne and Normand... you all ROCK! But then, given their names, I'm guessing they were all French, which might go some way to explaining why everything was so damn stylish.

Can you tell that I was totally loving this movie? This is definitely going on the "must get this on DVD" list...

yani's rating: 9 "bad dogs" out of 10


Steven Sunday, November 19, 2006 3:31:00 am  

Ew. Josh Hartnett?

The man has the range of a tree stump (not to mention looking like one).

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