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Another actor-based entry for today's Random Hotness... this time, Josh Hartnett from Tuesday's movie, The Wrong Man.

It was actually harder than I thought to find a decent shot of him in a towel (or at least a decent and large enough shot), and although this towel shot is a little dark in places (ie, all the good places), it does show off those biceps... yummy! I don't think the other shot has anything to do with the movie (the hair is too short for a start), but he did kind of dress like that in the movie, so I figured it made a worthy compliment to the mostly nekkid shot.

josh hartnettjosh hartnett

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Larry said...

I still have the copy of 40 days and 40 nights that Kathie lent me. I have yet to watch it. She and Kasi seemed to think that I'd watch anything with Josh Hartnett in it :)


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