five hump day thoughts

Some Hump Day thoughts...
  • Why does it seem like nobody I come into contact with can ever organise anything properly? I was supposed to be working tomorrow and Friday, but then it all got complicated for no apparent reason and now I'm working next week instead.

  • Why are my landlord and/or land agent so incredibly useless? First they didn't bother to check whether I already had a bond, then they paid too much bond, then they had to get me to sign things to correct their mistake, now it seems that when they paid extra bond they did so without having me sign anything. On the upside I don't currently have to do anything and it will (or should) all fix itself... plus I get $100 back.

  • Why do things seem like a good idea when you have an erection, but once you've had an orgasm they don't tend to seem like good ideas at all? I'm sure it's one of those evolutionary leftovers... guarantee the perpetuation of the species by disengaging the male brain during sexual arousal.

  • I got an email from Sugarmonkey yesterday about Rockchick's going away party... now I'd assumed that it was going to be one of our usual Nut House Drinking Sessions... but no, they've decided to have it on a Sunday at Sugarmonkey's house. Technically it's no further away than going to Marion, but part of me just doesn't want to go. I won't be able to drink, plus it's a Sunday afternoon for godsake, and "significant others" scored an invite... which theoretically will leave me (and maybe Rockchick) there on my own. I don't know if I can be bothered to be honest (of course, having said all that, I'll more than likely go anyway and have a fairly good time).

  • On the upside, Saturday is Haircut Day... wooohoooo!
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