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I'm goin' home!

Okay, not in the sense of "the place where I live" (coz, you know, that's where I currently am)... but in the work sense. As of November 10, I'm going to be back working with my former crew... woohoo!

So I'll be returning the same week that all my Feast stuff starts... which seems fitting in some odd way that I can't really explain...

After a number of weeks of "I have no idea when I'm going to be finished" and a slightly drunken (on my part anyway) conversation last Friday night where I said I probably had about three weeks left (which honestly was a number I pulled completely out of the air) The Ginger Ninja has asked for me back.

And this could, as I think I've mentioned once before, turn into a fairly lengthy stint... I'm filling in until January, I think, for this bit... then in March, Rockchick takes off for about a year, and I'm supposed to be filling in against her too. Not sure what happens in February though...

Just give me a damn permanent job already!!!

Oh, for the record I didn't win the $5 million dollar lotto prize... in fact I didn't win a damn thing. Not surprising, but it would have been nice.

I'm also seriously considering joining in with Movember since I'll be working this year. Could be entertaining and if I get all officious about it, I probably know enough people in the building (and surrounding buildings) to sponsor me.

On an unrelated note, I was also planning on getting a Crumpler bag for Christmas (as nice as my Ikea bag was when I bought it five months ago, it's looking a little grubby now), but I might actually treat myself before then and buy one for my return to Crazytown. I need to go and have a look at them again in the flesh, but I'm torn between the Barney Rustle and the Western Lawn (and possibly the much larger Complete Seed, but I'm less sure about that), since they're the exact same size, but there's the $50 difference between them... whichever one I end up picking, I'm thinking scarlet (or purple, but probably scarlet).

In the "hmmmmmm" column, I found myself considering getting another tattoo this afternoon... nothing grandiose, but I've been scribbling this little doodle a lot the last couple of days of a trio of dots with a line of smaller dots leading off from each one... and I can't help thinking it would make a cool tattoo, specifically somewhere on my spine. Not sure really (plus I don't really think that my back is really right for a tattoo), and it's probable that nothing will actually happen with it, but it was a nice daydream for a while.

And that's about it for my Wednesday really...

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Muzbot said...

Give Movember a go. It's for a very worthy cause. Make sure you publish your fund raising details so we can donate.

Bodhi said...

Oooh, the tattoo design sounds interesting Yani. I lurve ink, its tres sexy. And I'm sure your back is just fine, as indeed your front would be ;-)

I say go for it


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