photo friday: men

dark modelFor the record, this is one of my photos (meaning, of course, that it's a photo I took, not a photo of me)... from back in 2005... sadly nothing I had that was recent seemed to really fit my little story...

There are these two guys who work on the same floor as me... not in my team (or the same team as each other for that matter), but where they both sit they usually have to walk past my desk on their way to or from anywhere.

One of them used to work on one of the other floors I worked on, but he had longer hair then. I'm not sure which I like more to be honest, the long hair was unusual, but the shorter hair has that messy "just been laid" potential. He's quite tall, but it's mostly torso... in fact I think he has the longest torso I've ever seen... which makes the tucking in of shirts a problem for him sometimes, and just makes them sit on his frame a little oddly. And let's not even talk about the striped polo shirt he often wears (he's given up on "business shirts" for some reason) that seems to have seen so many washes that it's almost like tissue paper and looks like you could probably see right through it when he's out in the sunshine. He's fairly sweet, a little pigeon-toed, maybe with a touch of docileness, and I honestly don't think he has even the vaguest idea about how sexy he actually is. Well, he might do, but it's that kind of unstudied and unconcerned straight boy sexiness, where he doesn't work at it, it just is what it is. And very occasionally it makes me want to whimper and bite right through my lip (you know, in a good way).

The other guy is SO obviously a 'mo... either that or he's more metrosexual than is really good for him... I'd know for certain if I'd ever heard him speak, but he just doesn't speak, in fact he often doesn't seem to have any expression at all... totally blank (okay, sometimes there appears to be a slight condecending sneer there, but I could be imagining that). But he moves like a 'mo... there's something about the butt and the walk in general... it's not a swish exactly, because he's not swishy... but you know how they say "if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck"... well, sometimes it takes a duck to know a duck... and he, my friend, is a duck! A blank faced, non-verbal, unsmiling duck, granted, but still a duck. Him I just want to shake until he has another expression.

But they wander past, I watch, it's a good system...

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