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metro dodo seriesSomething from last week's little wander... they recently put up a "Light Box Art Gallery" in Blyth Street... based, I'm pretty sure, on a concept from Melbourne... and the first art they've put in the boxes is the Metro Dodo Series by James Cochran.

My knee is better than I would have expected... it's still not great by any stretch of the imagination, but at least now I can straighten it (more or less... once I've been walking around a bit)... and I discovered a better icepack than the chicken stock... still in the food family though, I had a couple of bags of mashed banana that I'd planned on using in muffins eventually, and because it was a flat bag with only a thin layer of banana, it moulded to my knee perfectly, so I used that. Not sure how much the cold thing is helping, but at this point I'm willing to try just about anything.

The sleeping thing was something of an adventure last night... I maybe tossed and turned a bit, and every time I rolled over I had to make sure I rolled both legs together, give my bad leg some support (complete with my big long body pillow clamped firmly between my knees)... so it was something like Syncronised Bed Ballet...

I did manage to make it outside... walked down to the Seven Day Supermarket to get a newspaper and something for lunch... and while it was a long and slow process, I did manage it with a minimum of discomfort (although with the aid of my cane). If there is any form of personal hell specifically designed for each person, then my hell involves not being able to stide quickly the way I'm used to.

In some ways I think that kind of defines who I am... I stride, I walk fast, I don't dawdle, even when I have no idea where the hell I'm going, I still go there with all speed... and now that I suddenly can't do that, it's almost like TORTURE! It's so incredibly frustrating and annoying, and could easily drive me around the twist.

I'm pretty sure I'm going into work tomorrow... I'm thinking I'll take my car in (which could be it's own realm of issues) rather than chancing it on public transport (I can just see me turning into a grumpy old pensioner and waving my cane at some schoolboy to make him give up his seat to me... so let's try and avoid that)... I already SMS'ed H-San (not technically my boss, but close enough, and the only person who's number I actually have) to let him know I might be in late. I'm not sure that I will be late, in fact I might actually be early, but I figured I would just cover my own butt. After that I'll have to make it up as I go along.

It's all very annoying though...

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