happy 2008

happy 2008And another year begins...

Not that the old year didn't go out with a certain degree of grunt... last night was the city's hottest December night in 110 years (which for the record, means they would have been sweltering back in 1897 without all the modern devices we have now)... and at midnight it was still 32.7°C. That's just RUDE I say!

I ended up skipping my walk this morning (so far anyway, but I don't know that it's actually going to happen now, since the sun is "officially" up, and the heat would be less fun, we'll see though) to try and pump some cooler air into the house. How successful I was I don't really know, but it seemed like a good idea at the time (until I worked out that it's going to be about 38°C again today instead of there cooler temperature they originally said, so there might not have been a lot of point)... how's that though, the first day of the year and already I've messed up my walking routine.

Ah screw it... what time is it... 7:45ish... okay... back soon...

Back now, all "post walkness"... I'm not sure if that was a good plan or a bad plan actually... I already had a bit of a dehydration/lack of sleep headache, and now I've got an additional "was out walking in the scarily strong for this time of the morning sunshine" headache thing too. But at least I had my walk... or the shortened, truncated (and quite fast actually) version of same. Honestly, I'm obviously addicted, I just couldn't NOT go... scary.

Anyway... like the last couple of years I rang in the New Year here at home watching movies... actually that's pretty much what I did for most of the day... (and I also discovered that my batting average with DVD failure rate this year is up like 2000% or something... I had another one go squiffy on me, Ferris Bueller's Day Off of all things, although not as badly as before)... but the "official New Years Eve movies" were Stranger Than Fiction and Casino Royale.

I still stand by everything I said in my original review of Stranger Than Fiction... and even though I knew what was going to happen at the end I still had me a little bit of a girlyman cry... and it still tops my list as the BEST movie of 2007, no ifs, ands or buts.

And my opinion of Casino Royale hasn't changed much either. Having watched a couple of the old ones over last few days I have to say that I think part of the problem with this one was that it was very "compartmentalised"... there didn't seem to be a free flow of plot/story through the movie, but almost little episodes strung together without follow through, and that whole "let's run off on a yacht together" sequence just bring the whole movie to a SCREAMING halt just when it should be ramping up for the end. Sad really... hopefully they managed it better with the next one.

So other than my "usual" New Year's traditions of making sure I've taken all the old calendars down by about sunset, and taking out the rubbish so all the bins are empty and making sure that there isn't anything in the sink come midnight, that was about it really.

Roll on 2008!

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Cebonar said...

hurr, you spend new years the exact same way I do. Too bad about the dvd, maybe invest in some of those disc repairy kits of doom?

Ive never seen stranger than ficion but i really did like casino royale, though it was a bit bumpy plot wise :D

cebonar said...

almost forgot, HAPPY NEW YEAR :D
or better yet, happy hangover day!

Sunshine said...

I heard about the heat from Sam last night. He said it was shocking. :S

Note to self - if I ever want to visit Adelaide, go in winter. :)

yani said...

It's a shame Sam isn't here for a more festive or recreational reason or I would have met up with him for a beer (or something) somewhere.


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