dust bunny slayer

dust bunny slayerAs the little guys inside the train locker chant... "All hail J, all hail J"!

He came, he saw, he opened my computer case, he slayed the dustbunnies clogging up the fan and the heatsink, and now my computer isn't running hot enough to fry eggs, onion, bacon, any of those fryable things...


It was a little bit of an equal opportunity dusting visit actually... because I was sitting facing towards him rather than the other direction as usual, I remembered that I still needed to dust the little bookcase behind the rocking chair, so I got him to shift the chair while I did that, so I didn't forget again.

While I was doing that he said he felt a little guilty just sitting there, so he took at look at my computer, which I'd told him earlier when he called was running way too hot and had been for quite some time. And given the amount of dust living under the fan, I'm not fricken surprised!

Man it was gross.

But now the computer is just "working warm" not "oooh bad hot"! Yaaaay J!

The downside is that I now have a stuffy nose, but I'm not sure if that has anything to do with our collective dusting efforts, or more to do with the fact that I seem to be getting a "summer cold" again (that and I haven't actually been sitting in front of either of the fans, since it's not really THAT hot right now).

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