unconscious mutterings 257

I almost got mowed down by Scott Hicks on his bike this morning... okay, kinda almost, but not really REALLY... Unconscious Mutterings...

  1. Mist :: Jasmin

  2. Eating :: Breakfast

  3. Beacon :: Bacon

  4. Speaker :: Sound

  5. Episodes :: Star Wars

  6. Conference :: Call

  7. Sneak attack :: Rogue

  8. Medic :: War movies

  9. Web :: Charlotte's

  10. 2008 :: Hot
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Tom said...

What's the sneak attack thing? I didn't understand that one at all when I did it.

yani said...

Well in my brain I related it to Dungeons and Dragons... I know that the Rogue (thief) characters have sneak attacks...

Be interesting to see what other people came up with for that one.

Tom said...

Fair enough! I'm clueless about all that stuff!


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