photo friday: evolve

evolveYet another shot from Round 4 of my Backstreet Wanderings...

Just another piece of paste-up work, although it is kind of interesting to me that the head and the body don't seem to actually be part of the same piece of artwork. There's a tear across the neck, right near where it should join the body, as though either the head was already in place and somebody added the body... or possibly the other way around.

But either way, I like the results.

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Anonymous said...

hey yani,

im quite jealous that you've got these great artworks dotting adelaide. living in the suburbs of sydney, we haven't got that much streetart (or good streetart for that matter either). interestingly enough, taking the train to the sydney cbd gives you the chance to see some really good streetart painted on the backs of fences and houses.


yani said...

Trust me, this is nothing compared with Melbourne!

And from what they tell me Newtown is the place to go for good Sydney streetart.


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