the unworkable workness of work

zen workOnce again a "couple of days" of work doesn't quite make the grade... except that instead of actually getting it all done inside of a single day, this did take a day and a half.

There is one thing I hate about doing a bit of work here and a bit there (okay, less of the there, and more of the once in a while), and that's not being in any kind of routine. If I have a routine going on I can do just about anything for just about however long you ask me to. If I'm flying without the aid of a net or a routine then I'm liable to have a screaming breakdown within a few days. But this couple of days has been somewhere in the middle... not long enough to make a routine happen, not long enough to really need one and not long enough to make me mental.

I also hate working in a building where each floor is electronically "sealed", but not each floor has a receptionist to let you in if you happen to be a temp or a visitor or whatever. I ended up standing around like a lummox both days... and yesterday I ended up being let into the floor and having to fluff my way around until I found the section I was looking for. But then it is Government, what do you expect.

Now... for the Yaays and Boos...
  • I actually had enough work to keep me occupied for the day and half I was there, and it not being completely mind numbing and irritating and overly complex (YAAY)
  • Not having a swipe card meant I pretty much didn't go to the bathroom all day (BOO)
  • Managing to do my full walk both days (YAAY)
  • Logging onto the internet this morning only to find that I couldn't and that my computer was all screwed up modem-wise and didn't want to play at all (BOO)
  • Figuring out that all I needed to do was switch it off, then back on again and it was okay (YAAY)
  • Breaking the internet and making the Minister's Office cry yesterday (half YAAY, half BOO actually... and all I'd done was accidentally deleted the wrong copy of a page meaning the documents attached to it didn't work anymore, and all I had to do was reupload them)
  • Having lunch with my old boss (YAAY)
  • Finding the two books that come after Twilight, but discovering that the middle one is only out in hardback and costs over $40 (BOO)
  • Also finding out that the red plates they had on special at Harris Scarfes were all sold out, and they only went on sale either yesterday or today (BOO)
  • Coming home to a fairly cool house (YAAY)
  • Having some (extra) money to spend in Sydney come March (YAAY)
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Tom said...

6 1/2 yays to 4 1/2 boos... not too bad going!

Another yay... Monday nights Skins which I've just watched required a fully functioning pause button! ;)

yani said...

Oh my pause button was so totally fully functional during Skins... especially as he was dragging the almost unrecongnisable former cast member from one of my favourite shows, Press Gang, out of the bathroom...



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