lorikeet 2008little boats 2008Just a couple of shots from yesterday morning...

I took the camera out on my morning constitutional for the first time in what feels like forever. But I will admit that having walked pretty much the same walk for nearly a year now, and having photographed it, or various bits of it any number of times, it's getting kind of harder to come up with new angles and things to photograph... but occasionally you get lucky.

The lorikeet in the top shot was actually in the "square" on the way home, and I happened to hear the screeching of him and his little buddy over the music in my headphones. I stopped, took a couple of photos while they both stared at me... then took a step closer to see if I could get more shots, but they decided they didn't like that plan and took flight.

And there's just something to be said for seeing the morning sunlight reaching over the river and turning these little boats (and the riverbank behind them) golden and bright.

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