montage monday: port adelaide redux

port adelaide 2008A second Port Adelaide Montage for the year's first Monday Montage...

But even though I was very careful, both in the shots I chose to take, and then the ones I selected to put into the montage, there's still one shot that's common to both of them. Ah well, at least it was only one.

Oh, and in case anybody is wondering... center row, second from the right... that's a guy in (what I assume is) an inflatable taxi costume. I never got close enough, thankfully, to find out why... but that's what it was. Weird.

I'm still feeling a little out of it this morning... I mean I slept really well (how could I not?) but I don't know that I necessarily got ENOUGH sleep to make up for the lack of same. I could blame my seeming lack of organisation this morning on the "not enough sleep" thing, but it's not really that I'm unorganised, more that I'm easily distracted...

Thank god I accidentally picked up a large bottle of Farmers Union Strong Iced Coffee instead of my regular choice of the Light version... I think it will come in handy.

It was weird yesterday actually... As I was leaving J's place I was completely and totally wide awake, then I was reasonably okay once I got home, and stayed that way for most of the day (although I did go out for a large chunk of the afternoon, so that probably helped, since I had visual stimulation), but when I got home and was having a couple of eggs on toast for tea (exciting, hey!) and watching the special features on one of my Christmas DVDs I could feel myself getting more and more and more and more and more tired, so in the end I came in here and fiddled on the computer for a while, which seemed to help... and then for the rest of the night I was fine. But like I said earlier, almost as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out for the count.

I didn't even get sleepy while I was watching teevee later in the night, which was good, because even though I wasn't (and still might not be) overly impressed with the idea of an Australian version of "Who Do You Think You Are?", the first episode last night, featuring Jack Thompson was actually surprisingly good. Even better was the first episode of the three part miniseries on the ABC, The Line of Beauty, which is described on the BBC website as "a story of love, class, sex and money in the Thatcherite 1980s". Which isn't really surprising, since it's based on Alan Hollinghurst's novel of the same name... and while I haven't read it, I have read his first book The Swimming Pool Library, which could almost have the exact same description applied to it (well, maybe not the "money" part). But I can't wait for episodes two and three... the miniseries is really quite good. And the star, Dan Stevens, is pretty damn cute and has that "dark floppy haired, lighter eyed" thing I quite like.

So that was about it really...

We'll just have to see what, if anything, this afternoon holds.

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