unconscious mutterings 260

"Found" a 640ml beer glass on my walk this morning and brought it home... working the next two days (not including today obviously, because it's the Australia Day Public Holiday)... up to my eyeballs in The West Wing (damn but I love that show)... and now, Unconscious Mutterings...

  1. Booze :: Bus

  2. Counter :: Intelligence

  3. Action :: Stations

  4. Trial :: By Fire

  5. Wheelchair :: Access

  6. 1-800 :: BITE-ME

  7. Chop :: and Change

  8. Relatives :: Scarce

  9. Bed sheets :: Brown

  10. Funnel :: Web Spider
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Tom said...

No. 6... is that some sort of helpline for people with that lasagnia thing you talked about the other day?! :P

yani said...

You're not going to let that go for a while are you? :P

Tom said...

Erm, you brought it up! :P


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