army men

green benzo soldiergreen benzo soldier
The men of the Benzo Propaganda Army...

They're from the street art I found under the bridge last Monday, and stylistically and graphically I just love them. From their cha-cha heels to their tentacle/floppy arms to their speech bubbles containing bits of signature.

Under the bridge they were actually side by side, but with the light coming in from outside and my camera and it's ongoing trauma with lower light conditions I couldn't get a wide shot where they both showed up equally well, so I had to resort to single shots... which, while it's kinda groovy, is also a bit of a shame because they're probably only about an inch apart in reality, and obviously having a "conversation".

But on the upside, like I said after I'd taken the shots, it was a different subject for Benzo's artwork that I hadn't seen before... and that just gives me the happy...

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