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Today's Random Hotness is one from the art drawer, and also a blast from my proverbial past.

I was first introduced to the work of Jozef Szekeres by Lownee way back in about 1996 (lordy, was it really TWELVE years ago!?) as part of my discovery of Elfquest... the Australian Black Mermaid Productions crew (then consisting of Jozef, Bruce Love and Julie Ditrich) produced a spin off comic book about sea-elves (Wavedancers), and I fell in love with not only the artwork, but the fact that there was a male couple (Maron and Paffa) amongst the elves. Woohoo, gay sea-elves!

Anyway, relations between the EQ folks and the BMP folks fell apart (a by product of which is that you can't find a copy of the comic books anywhere and they're never going to be reprinted *sad face*)... and that was that.

Then last year there was an awesome Mardi Gras poster but I could never find out who the artist was... well, I happened to be randomly digging around back in March and discovered that the artist in question was... yes, you guessed it... Jozef Szekeres! And not only was he gay but he'd also done a bunch of stuff for various gay publications.

For more of his work (and a peak at some of the original Wavedancers artwork) take a look at his deviantART and y! Gallery pages...

bondi merman by jozef szekeres pleasuredome by jozef szekeres
ring master recovery by jozef szekeres about to take off by jozef szekeres

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