photo friday: winter sun

winter sunshineOy! What a day!

You know how they say it doesn't rain but it pours... I was already going into the city to meet with Ginger Ninja and some random folks about the job they wanted me for... then I got a call from the agency asking if I was free and giving me a week's work (in the same building, obviously). I wasn't sure if it was the same group or not, so I said yes to it.

Turns out it's a different group, but it should still work out okay.

Then I went in for the meeting, and of course La Ninja was running late (typical really), but when we eventually got up there it wasn't too bad. I did feel like I was blushing the whole time, but I think that was because the building was overheated... it was weird though.

And I'm also pretty sure that I've met the guy I'll be working with/for before... or I've seen him in the elevators a lot, or something... he looks very familiar. Seems nice though, so that should be okay.

It sounds like it's going to be a reasonably huge job, but it could be interesting... or if not interesting, then it could frustrate the crap out of me. But on the upside the receptionist is actually cute and blonde and a boy (him I know I've met before, I think he came to somebody's birthday morning tea thing last time), which is unusual but good.

I kinda got talked into/talked myself into/felt somewhat obliged to start next week. I think if I didn't have the week of work on the other floor then I could quite easily have slotted in then, but as it is I start on Tuesday, work with them for the rest of the week, leave them with things to be going on with, go downstairs for a week and then come back.

Now all I need to do is pick up my security card on Tuesday (Rockchick wasn't sure where it was, and La Ninj was off in another meeting) and I'm all set...

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Victor said...

A few years back I was introduced to a new co-worker who looked very familiar to me.

After the usual pleasantries I told the new worker, in the presence of the person doing the introducing, that he looked familiar (rather more insistently than I should have). I asked whether he had previously worked elsewhere in the building to which he answered 'no' in a strangely firm manner.

It only dawned on me weeks later that the reason for his familiarity was that I had previously engaged in services of (ahem) a more intimate nature with him at a nearby adult venue.

I imagine that explained his strange manner at our introduction.

yani said...


Fortunately I'm 99.999% sure that that isn't the case here... he's distinctive enough that I would have remembered him...


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