random zdenek hotness

This is a Random Hotness I've had hanging around in the draft pile for... oooooh, ages and ages now... but the RH I was going to post I wasn't completely sure about, so I went with one from the vault.

This is Zdenek (don't ask me how the hell you pronounce that) from photographer John Andresen... I actually posted one of his models, Mikkel, once before... way back in January last year, and I think this post could have been hanging around since roughly that time.

Just ignore me and enjoy the unpronounceable Calvin-clad hotness...

Current Mood: Mmmmmm hotness

1 comment:

Michael said...

Holy crap. I usually lean toward a considerably more....mature man, but something about a wider nose and big thighs that make me say GIMME. Yerrrmmmm.


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