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I'd intended to go through one of my old data CDs from one of my previous long term contracts last weekend looking for a copy of my timesheet spreadsheet that I knew I had somewhere... but I never actually got around to it, so I threw the CD in my bag last night and dug it out at work this afternoon... and flicked through a few of the other things on the disc, just remembering what seem like better times...

Anyway, one of the things I happened across was this "All about me!" (complete with exclamation point I might add) form that everyone across the "division" had to fill out (on 4 February 2002 according to the date on the form) after we'd been off on one of those lovely Team Building Days that you end up doing if you stay anywhere long enough, and we'd had some random woman come in to do the Belbin Team Roles with us.

Actually they were kinda fun... out little team was the only group that actually had one of each type within it... well, we were missing, I think, one or two key areas, but the Team Leader wasn't there, and we predicted, quite accurately if I remember correctly, that she filled in those one or two roles.

It's a little bit of fluff... but given that I'm working at the moment it is pretty accurate about how I like to work.

My preferred Belbin Team Roles are:
  • Plant: Creative, imaginative, unorthodox. Solves difficult problems.
  • Shaper: Challenging, dynamic, thrives on pressure. The drive and courage to overcome obstacles.
When working on a project I like to:
  • Come up with the ideas
  • Organise & deliver
I can help the team by:
  • Providing ideas/creativity
  • Putting ideas into practice
In the office I get annoyed when:
  • I'm stuck in a rut/doing the same thing all the time.
  • A plan just won't come together or the technology falls over
  • I get distracted from my main task by unimportant stuff (sometimes)
My preferred working styles:
I like to...
  • Come up with/expand on ideas
  • Take a project away and work it through
  • Get input from other team members to allow me to refine an idea
Three handy hints about working with me are:
  1. Give me sufficient leeway/room to work/rope to hang myself. Don't try to fence me into an idea or situation.
  2. Let me blow off steam when necessary (and remember to stand back)!
  3. Challenge me with new ideas/concepts and projects.
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