random mirror hotness

God bless the digital age!

This week's Random Hotness comes via Undie Lovers, although I have seen various shots of this guy in other places before. You just have to be thankful for the invention of the digital camera which now means all these hot guys are posting shots of themselves in their underwear onto the internet.

One thing that's weird about this guy though is that in just about every shot it looks as though he's got a broken neck, since he's always flopping his head over to one side or the other... weird... hot as hell, but weird.

mirror boymirror boy

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Larry said...

Well he is blonde. Don't they have a genetic predisposition to flop their heads back and forth?


Yes, he is hot as hell, and I also find something really hot about amateur photography. I wish all cute guys had digital cameras.

By the way, sorry I haven't been around as much lately. I know sometimes I comment every day, and then other times I fall off the face of the Earth.

yaniboy said...

Its okay Larry... I do wonder if you're okay and what you're up to when you disappear though ;)


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