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It's been a grey old day today... starting with foggy drizzly mist (it was more like really fine rain that wasn't actually falling than either rain or ground fog) first thing this morning right through to the pretty featurless grey that's going on at the moment. Okay, there was some sun around this afternoon...

We mostly wandered about doing Random Shopping today... partly because I wanted a couple of new storage jars and a casserole dish somewhere between the small oval shape and the MASSIVE square one I already have.

Ended up getting a couple of jars, but as is always the way with these things, they're actually a little on the too big side, and since I cleaned out my cupboards after we got back from doing everything, I'm not actually sure that I need said jars anymore. As far as the casserole dish goes, Ma is going to dig through the ones she has and see what comes up before we go finding something new (plus I couldn't make my mind up about shape, size or material, which never helps).

After that we ducked into Borders in town to make use of the discount voucher I had... and actually picked up a book I hadn't seen or heard of before, The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde which sounds like it could be interesting.

Then it was off to the Haighs Factory/Visitors Centre for their 1pm tour. We'd actually thought about going along last week, but they do say that "bookings are essential" and when we called they were all booked up for the day... so I remembered to call during the week and make a booking (and by the time I did there was only one of the tours still available). It was okay as these things go... although I did learn something interesting... I said way back when that while Haighs was my favourite brand of chocolate, Lindt comes a close second (or third, depending on the day)... and it turns out that when the third generation of the Haighs wanted to learn how to make chocolate he wrote to ten different Swiss chocolatiers asking them to teach him how to make chocolate... turns out the only one who said they would teach him was the Lindt family! Makes sense that they would be in my top two really.

The only downside to the whole chocolate factory tour thing was that they really don't have that many staff working on a Saturday, so there wasn't much to watch going on in the factory. On the plus side, they do give you some free chocolate tastings, so you can't really complain. But I still would probably go along on a weekday next time.

That was about it really... we bought far too much chocolate once we were done, then came back here and I cleaned out my cupboards, threw some stuff away, shifted other stuff to smaller containers, blah blah blah.

The fun never stops here at the "house of yani"...

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