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Monday, May 29, 2006

First off I have to apologise, I pretty much neglected my blog last week... if it wasn't for the fact that I like to post something every day, then last week probably would have been a gaping hole. Sorry about that... to all, what is it, six of my regular readers... I'll try and do better this week. Part of the problem was that absolutely nothing of note happened last week... No movie, no Camera Club, no interesting phone calls (or lack of same), nothing... sure I saw J twice (once on Monday and again on Wednesday night), but it wasn't exactly blogworthy (especially Wednesday, since we sat around watching movies)...

Plus, as my rather pitiful attempt at poetry yesterday mentioned, I was actually feeling, not down exactly, but decidedly odd the whole weekend. I can only chalk it up to another bout of the Mean Reds ("The mean reds are horrible. Suddenly you're afraid and you don't know what you're afraid of."). I don't know that it had any one cause, I think it was the sum total of a bunch of things again.

Keen eyed observers will have noticed that there's no Montage today... not even a random image like last week... well obviously, since nothing happened last week, there wasn't really very much to photograph (I did entertain the idea of doing a montage of the piles of Hard Rubbish around North Adelaide, but by the time I'd decided to do it, I was a day late, and it was all gone!)... so I had fully intended to try a different walking route this morning, just for today... but rather than my usual route, I was going to walk down to the River Torrens, and along the Riverbank Promenade (where Il Cielo che Danza was held back in March), taking enough photos to make a montage and then back up the hill and home again. But when I got up this morning, it was completely overcast, and proceeded to drizzle with that really fine misty rain for my whole walk, so I nixed that idea. When the weather starts behaving itself again I'll have to try it. I'm just not sure it will take as long as my normal walk does.

On Thursday night while shopping I discovered possibly the second best chocolate on the planet (Haighs being the best, and Lindt slipping to third place)... Cocolo Premium Organic Milk Chocolate... and the bonus is that it's a Fair Trade product, which means that farmers are paid a fair price for their product which then allows them to invest in their communities (and yes, I was paraphrasing from the back of the wrapper then). I originally heard about the Fair Trade stuff on my daily dose of Jay and the Doctor on Triple J during my walk a couple of weeks ago, and now that I've actually tried the chocolate, all I can say is YUM! On the down side, it is incredibly expensive... but I think it's worth it.

I also got a pair of (women's) fluffy zebra print slippers on Thursday to keep my feet warm on these cold mornings we've been having... but enough said about those, the better... they are warm though (as well as being both bad and wrong... but men's slippers are SO boring).

I heard from Marc again on Saturday night, via a message on Gaydar... I'd technically given up on him, or rather I'd given up on my expectation one way or the other, as I hadn't heard from him since our playdate (other than a reply to the text message I sent him the day after)... I think that if I want to continue this whatever it is we have going, then having no expectations is probably going to be the best way for me not to do my head in. He calls, he calls... he doesn't, he doesn't...

Let's see how long I can actually put that into practice...

I did think about taking a little trip to the sauna on Sunday afternoon... supposedly, being the last Sunday of the month, it should have been Bears in the Mist again, but I actually couldn't find it mentioned anywhere (either on their website or in Blaze), so I'm not sure if it was actually on or not. Not that that would technically have stopped me one way or that other... but given the aforementioned weird mood I was in, I don't know that it actually would have been the best idea I've ever had. I chose, instead, to stay home and watched the overhyped Big Brother "special", Truth Lies and Eviction... sad, but true, I gave up possible sex for television... techncially I could have done both, but then I would have had to cut my sauna trip "short" (does four hours count as short?) to get home in time, so I just didn't bother. It would have been pleasant though, if only to get nice and toasty warm.

I have an annoying new neighbour... how, at another time and place, could conceivably be attractive, but is currently just annoying me (I have to say that this is not a new thing... my neighbours, although changing, different and varied have been annoying me ongoingly for about eight years now). He's possibly in his mid 20's, and is a skater... neither of which is bad... but he seems unable to actually leave the house without the skateboard... even if, like this morning, he's just going to check the mailbox... which happens to be right outside my window... and the concrete in the courtyard of my building is the kind with the seams between... which means I can hear the "brrrrrr-cachunk-brrrrrr-cachunk-brrrrrr-cachunk-brrrrrr-cachunk" of him rolling his way down the courtyard. And there he goes again while I'm typing this! Even worse yesterday was him "walking" the skateboard up the concrete... "clack-clack-clack-clack-clack"... from side to side so that he didn't have to put his foot down, but was still keeping momentum. Grrrrr... you, and your skanky trailer-trash girlfriend with the broken wrist... piss off! Although, on the plus side, and for no apparent reasont that I can see, he did completely tidy all the garden in the courtyard (no small feat) on Saturday... I just hope that that doesn't mean he's some kind of permanent "groundskeeper"... coz that's just going to bug me...

On a more pleasant note, I imagine I will be seeing J again tonight... Mythbusters Monday and all... and on Friday, his boy arrives, which should make for, if nothing else, a couple of entertaining posts.

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Tom Monday, May 29, 2006 11:59:00 pm  

Wow, I haven't had a pair of slippers since I was about 10... they were great big orange and white tiger paw things... very cool! You're right, mens slippers are very boring - designed for the over-nineties!

I shall look out for the chocolate!

Bodhi Friday, June 02, 2006 8:08:00 am  

My top three for chocolate is:

1. Bon Bon (fine Belgian chocolatiers located in the Queen Victoria Building, City, for you non NSW folk)

2. Lindt ('Lindtmas' is my new non-Christian renaming for Easter)

3. Haigh's (only a fairly recent addition to this state, now located in the Strand Arcade, City).

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