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We're now officially staring down the home straight for Big Brother 2007... six housemates left... two weeks to go (which means a double eviction this week, and then another double next week, leaving the final two for the Monday finale)... everything is suddenly starting to wrap up... this Monday was final nominations... I'm not sure if there is one or two Friday Night Live's left...

As I said at some earlier point, this has been such a BLAND year... whether it's because there was no "Adults Only" show... or because this particular crop of housemates were so damn vanilla... or because Big Brother crushed the spirit out of them in the first couple of weeks and turned them into rule obeying little robots or what, I dunno...

And unlike other years, I've been able to accurately predict each and every eviction... it hasn't always been the people I've wanted to be booted out, but it's been the people I've expected... which is kind of boring too...

Since we are down to the final six, I thought I might just have a little ramble about each of the finalists, see if I can make some predictions about the winner...

the final six - aleisha, billy, joel, travis, zach and zoranAleisha
Originally, because of her close association with Bitchqueen Emma I really didn't like Aleisha very much... but after Emma left she did start to grow on me, and now she's probably up in my top three favourites (being her, Billy and Zach for the record). I'm pretty sure she's going to be sitting on the couch come the final Monday, but I think she's going to end up as the runner up.

Again, because of the link he had with both Bratty Bodie and Bitchqueen Emma I was never particularly fond of Billy at the start... granted he's pretty damn hot, what with the floppy blonde hair and the low riding pants and whatnot... but again, once the "bad" influences left the house I warmed up to him. I would like to think he'd end up as the eventual winner, but I'm not completely sure... I would say that he'll end up in the final four though.

Urgh! Former Housemate Nick was right about Joel... he's just not funny... at least not from what they've shown of him on the shows... and he also hasn't shown me anything about himself in the footage I've seen... there's nothing of depth there and what is there is all front and fairyfloss. I would hope that he gets thrown out this weekend in the double, but I'm not completely sure that's going to happen, but I don't think he'll make the final two.

Will somebody just gag him please!? I'm not disputing that he's a great guy... because he definitely seems to be... a good father, and all-round good Aussie bloke... but he just NEVER SHUTS UP! Even when Big Brother is giving them instructions, he still feels the need to say "Okay", or "No way", or the ever present "You're joking!"... shut up already Travis! I said in the very first BB post for this year that he was the Housemate Who Shouldn't Speak Ever... and I totally stand by that. I also don't want him to win. It's not really anything personal (well, other than the fact he needs to shut up and stop putting 'O' on the end of every single word), but he's the same guy now as he was when he went into the house... in fact you could drop a house on him and he'd still be the same guy. I want more change, more dimension in my winner than that thank you.

Okay, so I was possibly a little evil about Zach when he first went into the house... although I do still stand behind my GAYEST! HOUSEMATE! EVER! comment... and I retract that whole statement about the "solo porn career" (although I'm not discounting slightly inappropriate Gaydar profile images, but you would have thought they would have surfaced already). He's somewhat of a sweetheart, although the massive indecision thing he has going I could live without, and in a perfect world he could have a shot at not only being the first gay winner of Big Brother, but also the first Intruder winner. Alas, I think he will possibly be knocked out of the final four. Would be nice though.

I go back and forth on Zoran to be honest... I think he adds some good value to the house, but I just don't see him winning. Actually, having taken a look at the poll on the BB website, I think his number may just be up this coming weekend, since he has about half of the votes in the "Who will you evict" poll currently. Personally I'd like to see him survive this weekend and make it through, but somehow I don't think that's going to happen.

So yeah... to sum up, I'm thinking that the final four will be Aleisha, Billy, Travis and Zach, and then the final two will hopefully be Aleisha and Billy, with Billy the eventual winner... although maybe I shouldn't wish for that too hard, because of all the previous final twos, the person I want to win is never the one who does...

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Liz_Knows said...

Ok. Here's my take.

Aleisha. No cock. Pointless

Billy. A human version of a new Ken doll. Also pointless unless he gets ALL his gear off.

Travis. Lovable in an annoying way. Very ocka. Probably willing to experiment in m/m light play if drunk enough. Probable winner.

Zach. Too gay. So gay he has gone full circle and become a woman. Which makes him pointless like Aleisha.

Zoran. Apparently is willing to cop head from men in toilets, cause that's not gay. Ok. I'll buy it. Because of that he is 3rd in my list.

Joel. Ahh, a little sweetheart, with what appears to be a LARGE man package. Could just eat him up. Or out. Runner up to Travis.

Ok, rant over! Please return to your regular scheduled YaniBlog.

Bodhi said...

Now that my other favourite hotties Thom-arse the Tank Engine and my namesake UnderwearModel Bodhi are out of the house, Billy has rapidly taken over as my BB hottie de jour.

Ahhhhh .... that blonde haired, blue eyed, ever so tanned, low-riding, hot-in-undies, often-shirtless, grommie surfer Billy ....


Ask my flatmate The Other Andrew ... I may be just a little bit obsessed with the boy. M'kay.


yaniboy said...

I hear ya Bodhi... :)


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