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Monday, July 30, 2007

alisha wins bb07"I'm the ditzy blonde country bumpkin with the bogan accent"
- Aleisha on self reflection

My god... talk about your close run things... the closest Australian Big Brother Finale ever, with quite literally 2% difference (and, according to Gretel, less than 500 votes) between them.

From twelve Original Housemates, four Intruders, four White Room Wildcards, two Public Vote Wildcards, a Golden Key Winner, Mr X and a very brief visit from an Australian Idol Judge Special Guest (making 25 in all... or 24 official Housemates)... it all came down to tonight...

And the winner is... Aleisha!

Actually, I have to say, when they revealed what percentages the two finalists were sitting on at the beginning of the night, it did seem like a forgone conclusion that Aleisha would win... but I have to say, I honestly didn't know what the result would be when it came to crunch time and I was gripping my remote (actually I think I tensed just about everything while Gretel was doing the long drawn out pause) and hoping and wishing it would end with Zach as the winner... but I should have known... my BB Winner Curse holds true... not once has my preferred winner actually taken it out!

And once again I do feel all flat and weird now that it's over... the Post BB Sad... although for whatever reason it doesn't seem as bad as in previous years.

Whether its because I liked this year's crop of Housemates less overall, or because they just spent so much time, as Travis put it, "dog paddling" during the show tonight because the result was supposedly too close to call, I dunno. But really, one of these years they are actually going to just say "yes, the Final Eviction Show will run until at least 10pm" instead of saying "Oh, no... it will all be over by 9:15".... pffffffffft... like buggery.

Two things before I go any further... first off, where the hell was Intruder Laura? She wasn't around at all... and they didn't even mention it, they showed the video package of her time in the house, but didn't interview her or mention it... they just skipped right over the fact that she was absent (and I'm guessing that Demet actually filled in her part during the actually rather amusing Pantomime that the Housemates did since she was the only Housemate who did double duty during it)... very strange and very interesting... I'm sure the reason will surface sometime within the next few days, I'm just interested to know what it is.

The second thing... I LOVE Aleisha's Mum! Seriously, she's a groovy lady... and the fact that she was really sweet to Zach both during the "Loved Ones" visit during the Finale, and the fact that she was the first person to hug Zach after Aleisha was announced as the winner. One classy lady!

And how sweet was Zach with his folks... okay, he fell apart and had a big girly cry... but, to use the phrase I've been overusing of late... "Awwwww BLESS!"

As far as the Finale itself went... I preferred last year's format... with all the previous Housemates coming into the House again all glammed up and whatnot... and again I always prefer it when they announce the winner in the House rather than on stage, but I guess since all the little Counting Gnomes were still counting the votes they had to do something... otherwise the show would STILL be going on.

That was one of the downsides to this year's Finale actually. They just plain ran out of material... wouldn't you think they would have planned SOMETHING "just in case"... but no, they ended up just filling in dead air time really. When they have to resort to sending Mike Goldman out into the crowd to talk to the punters you know that a producer somewhere is banging their head on a tabletop somewhere and weeping.

And alas the "Pink Vote" didn't manage to get a gay Housemate across the line... we did manage to get a step closer though... third to last Housemate last year, runner up this year... maybe next year there will be a gay Housemate or Intruder who actually wins.

So, as they hang the last two nametags on the Housemate Graveyard and turn off the lights for another year, congrats Aleisha and enjoy your $450,000!

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Sunshine Tuesday, July 31, 2007 7:25:00 am  

I think it's so cool that gay people keep getting high profile gigs - the more the world sees us, the more acceptance we get. It's only a matter of time. :)

Tom Tuesday, July 31, 2007 7:29:00 am  

The counting thing was ridiculous... are we really expected to believe that there are people counting votes out the back somewhere and the computer doesn't log and count the votes automatically? It's all a scam to add drama!

yaniboy Tuesday, July 31, 2007 9:09:00 am  

Yeah I did wonder about the counting thing myself... but according to what Fitzy said on the radio this morning there was a lot of panic and whatnot, and stuff that they didn't actually plan on doing, like throwing the parents into the house. So maybe the computers melted or something?

The Other Andrew Tuesday, July 31, 2007 12:24:00 pm  

Wasn't Laura arrested for assualt recently? Something about a drunken night and hitting a police officer? I swear I read that in one of the papers....

Maybe she's incarcerated or was dropped from the dhow?

Monty Tuesday, July 31, 2007 1:39:00 pm  

Yeah, I read that Laura had been arrested and so was dropped like a hot potato!

yaniboy Tuesday, July 31, 2007 2:20:00 pm  

Why doesn't anybody tell me these things? :P

Well... you know... before now...

I just did some digging and it turns out that she was taken to hospital, got abusive, police were called and she assaulted a police officer... then spent the night in the watchhouse and got fined $600 when she fronted up in court...

And it all happened on Saturday/Sunday...

OzBender,  Saturday, August 04, 2007 8:40:00 pm  

Wow. If 2% was less than 500 votes, they must have got less than 25,000 votes all up. That says a lot about the ratings this year if the grand final only gets that many total votes.

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