random 100 hotness

And the brass will crash, and the trumpets bray... okay, apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan... but this is my 100th Random Hotness post!

Okay, technically it's the 101st post marked with the RH label, but the first one actually just gave me the idea and the name (especially since I couldn't really find any photos of the hotness in question)... and I might have come up with something bigger or grander or more showy, but I actually thought I had until next Thursday to come up with something, and it was only yesterday that I realised today would mark the 100th post.

Today's entry comes from somewhere in the depths of my collection of the works of other photographers... and although I thought I had a link to the photographer's website, it doesn't seem to be working anymore, so you'll just have to enjoy the hot scarlet draped garden statue guy without it...

Current Mood: mmmmmm hotness

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