unconscious mutterings 232

Unconscious Mutterings time...

  1. Situation :: Nowhere

  2. Theme song :: Batman

  3. Kelly :: Slatter

  4. Club :: Caveman

  5. Swerve :: Accident

  6. Couch :: Potato

  7. Bigfoot :: Harry and the Hendersons

  8. Arbitrary :: Random

  9. Inventor :: Einstein

  10. Blazer :: School Uniform

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Tom said...

Back to normal this week, none in common!

I should have written Random though as strictly it was what I first thought of, but arbitrary isn't random, just means there's no logical connection between one thing and another. But I changed mine and had an even crapper answer which is slightly cryptic, but never mind!

yaniboy said...

Your answers were a bit arbitrary this week actually... :P

And I'm glad we're back to thinking on totally different wavelengths, it freaks me out when we start thinking alike ;)


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