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searchingFor some time now I've been making a list of some of the stranger search queries that have led people here to yaniblog... for the most part they all seem to have dried up... although now that Big Brother is coming to an end I am getting more than a few BB related searches.

Now, for the record, these are the searches that didn't automatically relate to a particular post I did... If there was something that did, then it didn't make the list... but these are the weird and wonderful searches...
  • oprah's feet and toes
  • nate berkus chunky knit throws pattern
  • what does stylewhore mean?
  • dark gay male faery, fairies
  • very skinny japanese nude movie
  • faygala t-shirt
  • wilson jermaine heredia was
  • sesame street feet toes
  • creaturefest 2006
  • ways to tell someone dumbass
  • sparkly mwah
  • leg wax recipie
  • hallmark elves whoopi goldberg witch
  • pic of women with monkey tattoos
  • david duchovny kilt
  • yum yum piercers
  • jesse mccartney silk boxers
  • july 24 monday night raw results and plot lines
  • vidio brik dince
  • jessica simpson slash porn
  • how heigh can spiders fall from
  • why do cats lick paving stones?
  • parkland boot camp robin strauss
  • eske tuna sliding door
  • why dont tigers get scurvy?
  • ballet teacher dvd xxx
  • nude malebald as a badger
  • hairdressing stencil for pumpkins
  • the-mist-day humble
  • groinal tingling sign of being gay
  • find a website with a brussle sprout game where you smash the brussle sprouts for kids
  • my boyfriend wants to see brokeback mountain, is he gay?
  • the boy was bareassed waiting for my man meat to fill his bum
I'm not even going to ask that the hell the last three were about...

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Tom said...

Well I for one discovered your blog by searching for answers about why tigers don't get scurvy! I stayed for the sparkly mwahs and the vidio brik dinces (although I have yet to understand that one!) ;)


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