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the grand 2007We didn't really do a big photo safari this week... but since it was such a nice day (see clear blue skies and everything, even if it was only supposedly around 14°C) we figured after we'd done all the usual shopping and whatnot, we'd head down to Glenelg.

There was one quite detour first, into town so that I could drag Ma into Myer and make her look at microwaves since she keeps complaining that she wants a new one, but then never does anything about it (and still didn't since she has too many other bills happening at present)... and while we were there we swung past the fragrance section so that I could ask them about the sidewalk cologne I found while I was working, Joop! What About Adam... and ask I did... only to have the nice ladies tell me that that particular fragrance had been discontinued FIVE YEARS AGO! Bugger, bugger, bugger, bugger, bum... trust me to find a fragrance I really, really like (on the footpath, for free), and then it turns out to be discontinued (and I'm doubley pissy because I think the female version, All About Eve, is still available). They did try and ply me with the new Joop! fragrance, GO... and it didn't smell too bad when it first went on me, but by the end of the afternoon it just smelled like talculm powder... so, not the best smell ever... and now back to the drawing board to find me a fragrance I like...

Anyway, we left town but we didn't go straight down to Glenelg, we actually came at it from a different angle, then came along the beachfront for a while before we got to the Bay.

I pretty much assumed that it wasn't going to be lots with the taking of the photos, because I've done that previously... but we haven't been down there in a while, so it was nice.

Then we played the tourist game again and checked out the Bay Discovery Centre in the old Town Hall, which is actually kinda groovy, since it's all about the history of Glenelg. Okay, we didn't stay very long... and kind of skipped a bunch of stuff, but bits of it were interesting... like the fact that the original jetty was destroyed and when they decided to build a new one they pulled all this stuff off the sea floor... a couple of guns, about a billion teaspoons, glass bottles, you name it.

While we were in there we also found a version of the Public Art Guide that we used last week, but for some of the stuff down at Glenelg... I wonder how many other versions of it there are... so we did wander around a little and snap some pics of bits and pieces of art, although I don't think I ended up with enough shots to make a Montage.

By the time we'd wandered about a bit we were getting peckish, so we did a stroll up and down Jetty Road to see if anything struck our fancy... and alas no... although we did wander into Dymocks to have a look at the new Harry Potter book... since they had this whole "Wizard Money" offer thing (basically two vouchers for $5 off when you spent more than $30, so not really worth it), plus a cute little purple Harry Potter bag for the book to go in... but in the end I decided against it... I'm in the middle of another book series at the moment, then I went to read all the other Harry Potter books again before I read the final one... so even if I did get it now, it would be at least a month and a half before I got to it, and I'm sure that somebody somewhere at some point will ruin whatever surprises there are for me... so instead I'll wait until it comes down in price in a while, and I'll just have to maintain a "Potter News Ban" until I do... so nobody posting spoilers anywhere m'kay!

We didn't end up finding anywhere we wanted to go for lunch, but kind of decided that we were in the mood for fish and chips (a plan that always seems like a good idea when you think of it, but after you've eaten it seems slightly less good somehow)... so we took another drive down the beach to find somewhere nice and ended up at some place called, I think, Fishbait... which supposedly won the "Best Fish and Chips" rating from somewhere. Well, they weren't bad, but I dunno if I would call them the "best".

seagull pop 2007Now, remind me that when I next get reincarnated, I DO NOT want to come back to life as a seagull... sure, it sounds good... you can fly, you eat like crazy, go get to be loud and obnoxious to all the other seagulls... but there are downsides... like this poor little guy on the right (look very carefully under his tail at the back).

As we finished eating he flew in and landed right next to us and for a second I wasn't sure that I was seeing... but then he turned around and I saw it properly... he was, in essence, a Seagull Pop, or Seagull Satay... Seagull on a Stick... call it what you will... but somehow, at some point, this poor seagull had gotten one of those sharp wooden skewers quite firmly stuck into his little feathered buttocks (hopefully not in any particular orifice, because that would be very bad)... he didn't seem in pain or distressed, or even really to notice that it was there... but I gotta say, seeing a seagull with a skewer sticking out of his butt is one of the oddest things I've seen in a while.

And then just after that we saw another seagull that had NO legs... like none, not even stumps. I'm used to seeing seagulls that are missing a foot, or sometimes a whole leg... but I don't think I've ever seen a double amputee seagull... very, very weird.

After that it was a quick trip to Harbour Town, since we were in the neighbourhood, mostly to check out the discount perfume place and see if they happened to have any of the Adam fragrance... but alas no. To be honest I never quite know why we bother going down to Harbour Town... as a general rule we never really bother getting anything... in fact with the exception of a brief stop to get some frozen yoghurt, I don't know that we really stopped anywhere or looked in more than a couple of stores. But you get that...

Now we have an episode of Doctor Who (yaaaaaay) up soon, maybe throwing together something that vaguely resembles dinner (maybe I'll just make some custard), and then... ummmm... yes...

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Liz_knows said...

Questionone? Was it All About Adam, or was it What About Adam, as that one is still available from overseas. said...

Great blog! I just added you to my blogroll at


yaniboy said...

Yeah Liz, I did mean "What About Adam"... obviously I was having a blonde moment (which isn't easy now that my hair is dark brown)... but in my defense, the female fragrance is called "All About Eve".

And yeah, I've seen it online a few places, but I kinda wanted to find it somewhere here without having to go to all the pain of ordering it and waiting :P


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