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Sunday, November 27, 2005

So... I was flicking through a couple of other people's blogrolls this morning, and came across Sugarfoot's blog... and her post about the celebrity face matcher... MyHeritage...

You upload a picture of yourself (or your friends, family, favourite porn star, whatever) and the program does whatever it does and gives you a list of celebrities you look like, and how much you look like them.

It took me a couple of goes to find the right photo to upload (although I was impressed at one point when my most similar looking celeb was Christian Slater), but I ended up taking a new one and using that.

Supposedly, I look like the following people (in order of who I most look like to who I least look like, and from top left to bottom right on the picture)...

  1. my face?Jennifer Aniston (which at least means I got to have sex with Brad Pitt... so I can live with that)
  2. Bruce Willis (so long as it's Fifth Element era Bruce, I can live with that too)
  3. Ben Affleck (slightly less enthusiastic about this one... but his best buddy is Matt Damon... so that can't be all bad)
  4. Roger Federer (I actually had no idea who this was... but thought he might be a sporting dude...)
  5. Ole Bull (I kid you not... that's his name... him I really had to look up... turns out he's a Norwegian violinist... who knew!)
  6. Alban Berg (another "huh?"... Austrian composer... obviously I'm looking all European given the last three faces)
  7. Keanu Reeves (now THAT'S more like it! The photo of Keanu is eerily similar to the one I uploaded... at least we're almost in the exact same pose)
  8. Al Pacino (you talkin' to ME?)
  9. Lee Harvey Oswald (yeah... supposedly I look like the guy who shot Kennedy... go figure!)
Like Sugarfoot, the conclusions I can draw from this is that I have a long face, with a nose that's a little too wide in spots, and too much forehead... and also that there's something a little Northern Europe about my face...


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sugarfoot Sunday, November 27, 2005 1:33:00 pm  

Did you find that as flattering as I did? Except of course for my supposed resemblance to the Trump. I'm starting therapy on Monday.

yaniboy Sunday, November 27, 2005 6:31:00 pm  

Well, the whole "most like Jennifer Aniston thing I coulda lived without :P

allhookedup Tuesday, November 29, 2005 4:41:00 pm  

Thanks for that link. I went immediately to see who I look like. Cary Grant was number one, followed by Patricia Arquette, Paul Newman, and some Jewish guy I don't know. Funny, though, cause i'm only part Jewish. At least in the part that counts ;)

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