photo friday: still life with beast

that right there is my baby beast
Still life with Beast (2009)

*contented sigh* Okay, so I officially have the full and complete weight off my mind re: The Beast.

Everything was running smoothly, except for my FTP program... I was using a shiny new program and it just wouldn't connect to the web space. Cue me all despondent and a little bit cranky. But today at work I tried with the old and classic FTP program I've used forever... and lo and behold it worked. I wasn't sure if it was going to work for me here at home, what with the what wireless router thing (I read a few things online that seemed to suggest that might be the cause of the problem), but I figured it was always worth a try. So try I did... and it worked first time. Woohoo!

Once that was done and I'd deleted everything from the old space, I sent off an email to my old ISP, essentially telling them where they could go and stick their overseas call centre amongst other things.

Just in time too... because in theory my old account expires tomorrow.

So now I'm all set. It does mean that every single one of my mood icons (bar the one on this post) is cactus (I probably could have left them up until they killed off my old account, but that might have only been another couple of days, and I wanted a clean break). So I'll get around to fixing them up... sooner rather than later hopefully.

It's been a hell of a week in general really... it seems like it's gone on forever and ever and ever... partly because so much stuff has been going on, but also because like a stupid bunny I've been staying up way past my bedtime each night, fiddling around on the laptop. Tonight was the first night that I was actually able to just come home and relax... Tuesday was the movies, Wednesday was the visit from J, yesterday was my haircut... like I said, I'm sure there should have been about three more days in there somewhere... it can't only have been three days ago that I got connected to ASDL.

So now I can officially switch over and start freaking out about the Melbourne trip. Fortunately it does mean that I can really only freak out between now and Wednesday...

And to be honest, at present I'm too freakin tired to bother freaking out.

Work was incredibly dull today... like mind-numbingly, soul-crushingly dull... there were no emails, no phonecalls, no nothing... but lots of going through a document and updating it. BORE-RING!

And when it wasn't totally boring, H-San and Sugarmonkey were giving me grief about getting a Facebook page... or rather because I have absolutely zero interest in getting one. Seriously, I've never seen the point of them. If I've lost contact with people, it's usually been for a reason or completely on purpose from my part... and I'll be honest, I prefer to keep all the different parts of my life separate from one another. Yes their are some overlaps, but mostly work, home and play do not and should not overlap.

I'm not exactly sure why I feel that way... maybe it's part of the whole gay thing... having to compartmentalise who you are and exposing different sides of yourself to different people. If I'm being completely honest though, it's mostly because I just don't like people that much. Specific individuals, sure... but people as a whole, not really.

So there will be no Facebook for yani, not now and not ever. And given how hard it is to delete one, that's probably a good thing.

For the record, any Facebook junkies can save their breath about trying to "convert" me. As anybody who's spent any time around the blog should be able to tell you, I am a particularly stubborn and bloodyminded individual... and the more people tell me that I "absolutely HAVE to" do something, the more stubborn and bloodyminded I'm going to get.

If nothing else, having said that "aloud" will make me even less likely to do it... which is good.

I do like YouTube though... all those pretty videos...

But as always I digress...

The weather currently, is shitful... according to the little weather icon on my Google Desktop tells me that it's 11°C right at the moment... although it was 9 and raining like a mofo earlier. And it's supposed to continue for the rest of the weekend. I'm hoping that we get some decent weather for the trip... although I can live with clouds so long as it doesn't rain.

I still haven't decided if I'm going to try and do my shopping on my own tomorrow morning... which would mean that I need to pull my finger out of my ass and do some tidying up tonight. I'm kinda leaning that way, but then I have no idea what the hell Ma and I will end up doing for the rest of the day. We pretty much have everything sorted for Melbourne (at least I think so anyway)... so it'd be a whole world of not very much. We'll see... so long as we're out of the wind and weather, I'm happy.

So, yeah... that's about it really... I'm pretty sure there were other things I was intending to include in this post, but my mind has devolved into chocolate custard right now... as you might have been able to tell by the fact that I've been babbling for the last ten minutes...

Hopefully some food will help... mmmm homemade ham and pinapple pizza...

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Liz_knows said...

Thought of you (and your bag) when I saw these!

yani said...

I just realised what made you mention those... the books are in the background. I'm a little slow sometimes, I blame the peroxide...

I have seen those mugs before (although not such a range of them)... they also have little notebooks (which are more expensive than a book with words in it, which seems unfair) as well as coloured pencils.

Sadly my Penguin shoulder bag is a little the worse for wear these days... I mean it still works as a bag and I use it about once a week, but the design on the outside has seen better days.


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