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i've just finished watching 'bad education' and this guy reminded me of the delicious gael garcía bernal...There's nothing quite as dull or random as a Sunday at my house...
  • Sometimes, when you can't find the image you want for a blog post, it makes more sense to make one yourself...

  • My new bed was "christened" last night... not by anybody on my mythical list, but by somebody who proved the old adage "you can't judge a book by it's cover"... or in his case by a single bad quality photo that may have been taken a while ago.

  • In turn that meant that the early night I'd been planning to have didn't eventuate... two days, two instances of staying up until about 2am.

  • I don't really understand men sometimes... not only do I not understand guys who kiss by trying to consume your whole face (although admittedly it can be fun for a little bit if you can divert them before they swallow your head), or for that matter why, after one half of a pairing has reached their happy place why the remaining half would continually stop and start with the self pleasuring... it just seems weird, and if I'm being honest, it started to annoy me.

  • I also don't understand why my ISP would change the way we access the FTP server without telling anybody... suddenly (like, since a week ago) you have to put your whole email address in as the username, and I only discovered that by looking at the log of the failed attempt... who knows how long I would have been trying it otherwise. Would an email have killed them?

  • While the majority of my cold/flu is gone, my cough remains... this didn't help with the aforementioned scruffage, as there's nothing quite so unsexy as having to cough halfway through making out with somebody.

  • I have two street directories... one in the car and one in the house (for when it's easier to use a street directory than to use Google Maps)... I got a brand new one for the car the other week so I swapped out the one that used to be in the house for the one that had been in the car. I happened to go through it yesterday when I was tidying up and discovered all these little bits of paper with addresses and various instructions on getting to places. I think most of them are from old bootay calls.

  • I think I've already mentioned this, but it seems like J has been playing a game of "I'm not going to call him until he calls me" since I caught up with him at Glenelg... I did say to him that even though he was back in the country I didn't need to see him every 15 seconds since I'd gotten along for over 12 months without him, so it's possible he got the hump with me. On the down side for him, if he is playing that particular game, then he's playing it with the wrong person, since I've "played" people right out of my life this way. On the down side for me, I really need to talk to him about picking out a laptop/new computer.

  • Can I fit another movie in between now and the start of Bones? That will make three today...

  • On that note, I'm a fan of movies with cock in them... but more than that, I'm a fan of movies that have instances where there should naturally be cock that actually show cock instead of all this coy covering up and fake framing to avoid showing the cock. Just a thought.

  • Do I have to go back to work again already? Surely I was just there like five minutes ago...
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