craft fair saturday

given all the awful crap at the craft fair, the old biddies who were there would love this photo... especially the swans...A fairly straightforward and not overly long day today... even if we did have to endure questionable arts and crafts.

The Supermarket Safari went off pretty much as usual, although with much discussion of SYTYCD and a post supermarket visit to the Honey Man (I think I went through that last batch at a rate of knots ).

Then we headed off to the "Craft & Homewares Fair" at the Showgrounds... mostly because entry was free. And you never know what you might find (not that we've ever been to one specifically like this, but we've been to a few similar things)... okay, I'll admit, I was half on the lookout for more toy soldiers, but with the exception of one extremely questionable example (and really it could have been a toy soldier or it could have been Michael Jackson... so somewhat unclear there) there wasn't a one to be seen anywhere... *sulk*...

While I kinda expected the Fair to be packed with little old ladies (and lordy, was it ever), I don't know that I was expecting it to be filled with quite so much tacky crap. Seriously, there was a whole world of "Primary School Fete" action going on. And there were a bunch of stalls that we've seen in other places... some from the BMP Expo, some from various markets.

I half expected there to be more stalls with "craft supplies" on them (like the fair Andrew went to recently), but there really weren't... instead there were lots of sparkly things, immense amounts of really ugly jewellery, far too many "cutesy" things and a bunch of stuff involving cats.


That being said, I did pick up a couple of bits of tchotchke, a "naked" hourglass (it's not in any sort of frame, it's just the glass piece with the sand) and a sweet little Asian figure. Oh, plus a pendant to put away for Ma for Xmas (lordy, it's starting already... it's only July and already I have three things tucked away). Oh and a couple of those pointless "Super Shammy" things that probably work really well, but you never have them around when you actually need them, and once you buy one, that kinda thing never happens again.

So after elbowing a number of little old ladies out of the way (not really, but I felt like it on a number of occasions... what is it with little old ladies and a complete and total lack of any kind of spatial awareness coupled with that whole slow walking and taking up space thing?) we ran screaming from the building as fast as we can (well, on the inside anyway).

Then we headed into the city, mostly because I wanted to call into JB Hi Fi and I also wanted to look for a new umbrella. The JB visit went well (woohoo DVDs... its a sickness!), but the umbrella search was somewhat frustrating for a while there. I knew what I wanted... a sturdy, decent, reasonably priced umbrella... and not one of those giant walking stick ones either, they're great when it's raining, but crap when you have to carry them around). And I knew where I bought the last one. But of course, I couldn't find any in that store, so they lost out and we went elsewhere. A few elsewheres actually.

But eventually I found a bunch of decent umbrellas in David Jones... and they had the same make and model as the one I currently own. I didn't get that one though (well, a change is a good as a holiday, and what's the point in getting something new if it looks exactly like the old thing), I got the same brand, but a different model with a new and unusual opening mechanism (which will probably go off about three times a day until I get used to it... at precisely the wrong moments) and a faux leather (I'm guessing) handle.

That was pretty much it. We got some food downstairs in the food court under DJ's, picked up some little cakey things from DJ's food hall and came back here to watch Heroes. And we didn't get rained on once... well, until we got back to my place... typical really.

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