explosions, excursions and excuses

you wouldn't think it would be hard to find a decent photo when you put 'transformer explosion' in google... but it was all a bit naff really... so i'm going with something slightly factualToday started off with a bang, literally!

I'd turned on my computer, went off for my shower while it was getting itself booted up and organised, got out of the shower and was getting organised. I'd just saved an image and was standing in the bedroom doorway about to put some clothes on when there was a flash of light, a pop sound and then a shower of sparks from the powerpole outside my apartment building.

And because I turned when I saw the flash, I saw the whole explosion/sparks thing.

Then the power went out. Actually it went out somewhere between the pop and the sparks I think... I honestly don't remember. Fortunately it was only out for maybe 20 seconds before the backup system (whatever that is) kicked in. But it was scary for a minute there.

But the rest of the day was kinda like that... lots of flash and noise, but not a lot happening.

I went into town briefly this afternoon as part of my ongoing obsession with photographing numbers... I really should have gone in this morning, but I got sucked into the last third of my book (Casino Royale... and now I wish they'd stayed a little closer to the book in parts, because Bond doesn't mind wandering bareass along the beach) and didn't go out until the middle of the afternoon. So of course, it was impossible to get a park. Eventually I just gave in and went into one of the multistory carparks.

I'd also been half waiting to get a text message all afternoon for a bootay call. A guy I hooked up with forever ago was back in town and messaged me last night... actually I think he was looking for a little sugar there and then, but I was too tired to be bothered... so he said he'd message me today if he could. I really don't know why people say that if they don't intend to do it. And really, you have a pretty good idea of how busy you're going to be on any given day.

Anyway, that didn't happen...

So yeah, explosions and excursions and excuses...

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