when bad things happen to sick people

tin bathI do not believe that you would read about it, as the saying goes...

I awoke this morning to discover that once again my hot water heater had packed in and I had nothing but cold, cold water. I swear it feels like this has happened about four or five times already this winter, but it only seems to have happened once this year.

Maybe because each time it happens it's a major freakin production to get it working again and it never gets fixed there and then... and drags on and on and on.

So I called the Land Agent's after hours number and interestingly I actually got a better quality of service than I think I've gotten in a while. Yes, he did initially call me back with questions of "have you tried relighting the pilot light?" (and really... if I could make the pilot light relight, do you think I would be calling you... don't you think I would just relight it and get on with things?)... but since that dumbass water heater was installed four years ago I have never, ever been able to relight it or do anything with it. I have the instructions, I follow them perfectly, and nothing happens... it just sits there on the wall like a big useless lump.

If the plumber would come out here and stand there with me and go "this is what we do"... and make it so that I knew I was doing the right thing, then I'd be fine... but it never seems to work out like that (mostly because I don't think it's gone out at any point where I wasn't working and therefore had the whole day to wait around for the stupid plumber).

Okay, I lost the thread of my story there... anyway, of course the plumber wouldn't come out today just to relight my pilot light (which doesn't sound filthy no matter how hard I try)... so I have to wait until tomorrow. So here I am, recovering from some horrible flu-like illness and I have to bathe in a bucket again. *sigh*

All I ask, and all I will be asking for when I move somewhere else (either by choice or as forced to by circumstance) is a quiet place with respectful and considerate neighbours that also has air-conditioning/heating and a reliable hot water system. Doesn't seem like it's that much to ask, does it? Sadly my place currently has none of that...

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The Mutant said...

From my experience, no place in South Australia has all of those things in combination. Or so it seems.

Sucks to be trying to battle the flu without hot water though. If I was any closer I'd have a shot at igniting your pilot light for ya!

Yep, you're right - sounds dirty doesn't it?

yani said...

Gee thanks, you're just a big ol ray of sunshine aren't ya! :P

And yes, it would have sounded and been much dirtier if you'd come over and done it for me ;)

Although it is very high up on the wall... hehe


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