kinda how i feel, but without the bundled up in bed thingI really don't understand this... normally, during the course of a winter, I might get really sick once, if at all, although I'll usually solider along with sniffles for a while.

This year though, I've now fallen over for the second time... like I said yesterday I was all sniffly, then I woke up at midnight feeling very hot, went to the bathroom, came back and was shivering uncontrollably for a couple of minutes... then woke up every couple of hours feeling very hot and just generally not right.

Then (for whatever cosmic reason) it turned out that I hadn't switched my alarm on on my phone (or if I did I switched it off and went straight back to sleep, but I kinda doubt it), so when I did surface I figured I would just sleep in a bit before I got up. The longer I lay there, the worse I felt, and when I finally did try to get up I felt even worse...

At present I don't feel that bad... I still have a headache, I'm still a little overheated and I'm still wondering if this might actually be swine flu since it's very atypical for me to feel this way. Hopefully I start feeling better this afternoon or I'm going to have to do the doctor thing again...

Urgh... I hate being sick...

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The Mutant said...

Sickness isn't your friend.

I'm like you, normally I don't get hit by much more than one bout of cold of flu a year, last year though I was crook on and off all through winter... Maybe it's just one of those things.

I hope you bounce back soon though


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