unconscious mutterings 337

It's been an eventful little Monday... I delayed going out for my walk for so long this morning that I ended up doing a super shortened version (down to Montefiore Hill, past the Cathedral, across the street, up around the back of the hospital and up the hill), which meant that I had TONS of time at my disposal this morning. I got to work about 15 minutes early (and left 15 minutes late) so I'm putting the extra time in "the bank" for when we go away to Melbourne (La Ninj said I could).

Then I discovered that I won tickets to Red Cliff next weekend. A simple phone call to my agency about pay slips not looking the same means that I'm now signed up to do my timesheet online (woohoo).

And I'm pretty sure there was something else good, but I can't remember what right now... so behold, the Mutterings of the Unconscious...

  1. Sister :: Nun
  2. Talks :: Incessantly
  3. Electric! :: Boogaloo!
  4. Corner :: Office
  5. Turnstile :: Showground
  6. Swap :: Wife
  7. Young :: Dumb and full of cum
  8. Horrific :: Accident
  9. Block :: Party
  10. Wind :: Machine
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