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Almost twelve months ago to the day my hot water heater stopped working... and there was way too much drama about getting it working again.

Well, I came home last night to discover that I had no hot water. In some ways it wasn't a huge surprise, we'd had a very windy day... but the problem is that I can't relight the stupid water heater. I don't know why, I have the instruction book, I follow the instructions, but it won't light. So I have to call my stupid Land Agent. When I did that last night it was around 5pm which seems to be the time they stop for the day (which seems insane to me)... and I'm sure I got through to somebody when I called, but then the call cut out and when I called back I got the machine (RUDE). And even though I called the After Hours number it all added up to a big fat nothing.

After Hours Man tells me that the plumber had already been out to look at some of the other water heaters that weren't working (so obviously I'm not the only one who can't light the fucker), but he never bothered to check to make sure the rest of them were still lit (or he did and mine hadn't blown out at that stage, who knows). I tell him to call the plumber and get him out anyway. I go to the movies. Nothing happens.

Cue this morning, I call the Land Agent, speak to a person, tell them the plumber can happily come out while I'm not there because everything he needs to fiddle with is outside. I call as I'm heading home, "he'll come over at 4:30" I'm told. I get home, not only do I not have any hot water coming out of my hot water tap, I have NO water coming out of my hot water tap. More phonecalls ensue.

Plumber has his mobile switched off or it's out of range or something. So now I'm facing a second night with no hot water and will have to improvise my Pot Bath again tomorrow morning.


I'm going to be ALL over the Land Agent tomorrow, and if they can't get in touch with this plumber, well they'll just have to call a different plumber! I mean there isn't even any point in my going out there and attempting to restart the water heater, because now the water is off and I'm not sure how the hell to turn that back on.

Add to this the fact that I got rained on during my walk... and then again a little bit at lunch... and somebody else won the $53 million dollars in Oz Lotto that should have been mine (all I got was a lousy $5.25)... because if I had I could have told the Land Agent to stuff their hot water system and gone off to a hotel or something.

So yeah... I'm all feeling sorry for myself again... plus I'm still not over my cold/flu/whatever... and work was incredibly dull today... *blows big fat raspberry at the universe*

Update 7pm: Obviously sometimes you just need to stand on the edge of the shore and scream at the gods... Mr Plumber just rang me to tell me that he had indeed been and fixed my hot water, and seemed surprised when I told him that there was no water happening at all. He then told me which lever I needed to turn in order to have hot water again. Woohoo!

And just to ensure my karma is fully paid up I called the Land Agent, left a message on the machine telling them what was going on and thanking them for everything this afternoon.

*does the "I have hot water" dance*

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